A failed solution

I started this blog with the idea of improving  my writing and as an online journal of my life. And I assumed that it would work out and improve my productivity for the rest of my college years.

But here I am 2 years and 5 months after my last blog post especially talking about moving to my own host.  What happened with that idea was laziness got into me so I deleted that and never started again.

So yeah, I just hope my laziness won’t get into me. My drunk self might get into this more and it will get plague with incomprehinsible ramblings.

2 thoughts on “A failed solution

  1. OMG I LOVE this post! You know why, because I too, started my blog a few years ago to discipline my writing habits (like, actually HAVE a writing habit) and haven’t touched it in about a year and a half until a few days ago. It wasn’t my drunk self that kept me away (though in my younger days my drunk self kept me from my writing) but being a 40 something mom with a now 4 year old that has been keeping me busy. I journal to myself but that’s all I’ve been writing. My writing teacher always said to improve your writing, you have to WRITE! Good luck on improving your writing!


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